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From the Editor

New Life

By August 20, 2017October 24th, 2019No Comments

I want to thank the staff at West Boca Hospital, Delray Medical Center and my longtime friend and Cardiologist, Dr.David Funt for their great work in providing me a new life. Life comes at you very quickly and without warning and Tuesday morning I got a handful thrown at me. To make a long story short while walking from my car to Dr. Funt’s office, for a scheduled appointment, I experienced mild heartburn that subsided when I sat down. I told David what happened and he immediately sent me to admitting at West Boca Hospital to stay overnight in advance of an angioplasty to check for a blockage.

The next morning I was taken by ambulance to Delray Medical Center and had the test which found one artery with a 90% blockage. A stent was inserted and I stayed there overnight.

The level of care I received was terrific and I am alive only because of the advances in medical science and the skill of the doctors and nurses in both hospitals, I thank you so much.

As a result of this event the next edition of Empty Plates will feature low fat, low carb cuisine. No wisecracks are necessary, lol. I am a happy and lucky guy. Yes, Terri made me go to the doctor in the first place for blood work etc. unrelated to this event but it put me in David’s office at the right time and day. My Angel did it again. Guys, listen to your wives sometimes.

I am home and back to work. It’s amazing!