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New Restaurants Under Construction and New Restaurants Openings

Do you want sales-leads who is under construction in Florida and Georgia? Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Country Clubs, Diners, etc.? We offer a monthly Leads Report like no other! Formatted in an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet, allows you to categorize by zip code, city or leave the way it comes. It is an industry lead report that is a complete and comprehensive with hundreds each month. The list includes the  Establishment name, owners name, phone number, zip code and email addresses when available. You’ll receive the report by the 9th of each month except for the Holidays, when it could be a little later. Many National Foodservice and Equipment Companies are getting this and have been for years.

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Add Your New Openings (Free)

Add your restaurant to our New Openings – a list of restaurants that are opening, under construction or under new management that appears in Today’s Restaurant newspaper.

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