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About the Today’s Restaurant Virtual Networking Group

The Today’s Restaurant Networking Group is an exclusive group of vendors who provide a service or a product to restaurants in Florida and beyond. 

Each product category is limited to only one member which fosters the open and free discussion of sales leads and customer introductions with no fear of competition from another member. Members make the commitment to attend the required bi-monthly meetings to protect their exclusive seat at the table. 

Information provided by the members include Restaurant Openings, Restaurants Under Construction, New Owners, Restaurant Closings and other exclusive private information. 

Guest speakers and members are invited to address the group through-out the year to educate and familiarize the members about the products or services fellow members provide. 

Existing restaurant owners or future restaurant owners are invited to attend our virtual meetings, by appointment only, to meet our members and establish a working relationship with them with the full knowledge that the vendor is going to do the job correctly, on time and for the right price. To be invited call 561 620-8888 or send an email to  

Membership Dues are collected at the start of each quarter and include a listing in the group ad, Social Media postings and a listing in weekly eblasts. (Some quarters have 7 meetings and dues would be higher).

The Today’s Restaurant Networking Group holds to the premise that “People like to do business with people they know and trust” An introduction from one of our members can increase sales by 80%. Join us in learning and growing your sales.

Vendors interested in joining the group should contact Howard at 561-620-8888 or before attending to make sure the “Seat” is available with no conflict. 

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Meet our Members

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We’re looking for members in several categories:

Bakery Supplies Bread/Muffins
Carpet & Tile Cleaning
Electrician Equipment
Food Critic
Gourmet Foods
Ice Cream
Janitorial Services
Oil & Fat Recovery
Paper Supplies
Soda Syrup/Gas

For more info or to join us call 561.620.8888 or email