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How an Advertising Tech Startup Offers Novel Way for Restaurants to Be Discovered Instantly

How an Advertising Tech Startup Offers Novel Way for Restaurants to Be Discovered Instantly

Mobile app automatically surfaces restaurants in the form of animated “brand tiles” based on the user’s dynamic location, does not host customer reviews


Las Vegas, NV – Nirmy (pronounced “near me”), a new image-based business search and discovery app, introduces its GPS-driven advertising platform that generates effortless awareness of any business with a brick-and-mortar location, with many features designed to bolster restaurants’ marketing efforts and consumer engagement. To appear on the app, businesses sign up at and follow the simple steps from there. In addition, Nirmy is currently offered to small businesses at no cost.


Nirmy’s distinct, graphical interface sets it apart from incumbent search platforms.  When users launch the app, it detects their location and immediately displays a grid of “brand tiles,” images representing businesses near them based on distance. Scrolling through this grid of brand tiles allows users to discover businesses instantly, resulting in a potential impulse visit. Nirmy does not host consumer-generated reviews or other crowd-sourced content, thereby providing brand safety. It also allows restaurant-friendly in-app functions, such as enabling restaurants to point customers toward their preferred delivery service and retain the most revenue.


Statistics related to smartphone business searches follow:

  • A recent Google study found the majority – 84 percent – of “near me” searches conducted on smartphones is for food.
  • From 2013 to 2017, there was a 900 percent increase in “near me” searches on mobile devices; today, 82 percent of smartphone users conduct “near me” searches.
  • Local searches lead 50 percent of consumers to visit businesses within one day, and 28 percent of “near me” searches result in purchases.
  • This year, mobile searches for local services are expected to lead to $1.4 trillion in local sales.


When users tap on a Nirmy brand tile, it opens up to its expanded view, where they will see at a glance all the business details they need to know, plus more images and any promotions or deals currently offered. A tile’s expanded view features a swipe-able call-out window businesses can use for endless purposes, such as displaying product or branding images, sale event ads, grand opening announcements, POS-trackable coupons and interactive call-to-action graphics (e.g., “tap here to book an appointment: or “tap here to order for delivery”).  Nirmy is well suited to businesses of all sizes and types, from locally owned establishments to major national chains.


“As restaurants strive to survive under pandemic restrictions and prepare for the return to full capacity, Nirmy offers them a delightfully novel and cost-effective way to be discovered and visually entice more customers,” said Mick Riego, founder and CEO of Nirmy. “Nirmy is entirely self-managed by the business, balancing the consumer’s desire to discover goods and services near them with the business’s goal of attracting new customers and engaging with existing ones in a dynamic way.”


There are three ways to find a business on Nirmy:

  • Scroll to browse for serendipitous discoveries
  • Blazingly fast keyword search
  • Or filter search using 5 categories (Eat/Drink, Shop, Services, Fun or Online)


Other notable features that distinguish Nirmy from other business search platforms include:

  • Image-based tile interface. Tiles are available in three sizes.
  • Brand safety. No crowd-sourced content like photos or reviews are hosted.
  • GPS-only search results algorithm. No premium or sponsored ads overtake ‘near me’ search results.
  • Instant SEO. Businesses self-assign keywords for which they will be instantly surfaced; keywords may be updated any time, effective immediately.
  • Creative and functional freedom. A business profile on Nirmy accommodates a variety of business-generated content like link-embeddable interactive graphics, product images, brand ads, coupons, trackable QR codes, videos, virtual reality try-ons, and unlimited URL links throughout. Plus, businesses can integrate their online booking and preferred food ordering platforms seamlessly.


About Nirmy

Nirmy is an image-based, GPS-driven business search and discovery app. Its unique search interface is composed of brand tiles on an infinitely scrolling grid, and its most compelling value proposition is its ability to surface businesses to users effortlessly for instant discovery based on their current location. Nirmy is an easy-to-use marketing tool for small businesses, as well as regional and national retail, service and food chains. It provides an exciting and affordable new touchpoint for retail brands to add to their marketing mix. It’s free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Visit for more information, including videos and screenshots of the app.


To learn about Nirmy’s Corporate Early Adopter Program, which provides the Nirmy platform at no cost to select regional food and beverage chains, go to