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Enviromatic Corp. of America Celebrating 50 Years of Service

Enviromatic Corporation of America Celebrating 50 Years of Service




Bloomington, MN – Enviromatic not only sets the highest quality industry standards but they have continuously been a leading innovator in kitchen exhaust cleaning. These innovations have developed into many of the current industry standard methods, and programs their staff created and perfected over the past 50 years.


The Enviromatic innovative programs include:

  • Roto-Steamcleaning™ and Powerwashing method of cleaning
  • Envirospection® Nationwide Inspection Program – which incorporates our innovative & groundbreaking completed job picture programs. This is similar to the one used by our cleaning division.
  • Enviroleaktest program for water leak testing grease exhaust vent ductwork is another example of our commitment to setting their quality standards.

In addition to these initiatives, they continue to break new ground in the kitchen grease exhaust field with the development of the ViroGuard® UL listed Rooftop Grease Retention System for exhaust fans, their Virochem Chemical Division, and their Blower Balancing and Repair kitchen exhaust system service and parts division.

“We don’t just say it’s clean, we prove it!” stated Don Pfleiderer – CECS, CESI
President. “Viro proudly does not limit ourselves to just these areas and continue to look for and find ways to improve our services, and fire prevention in the market itself.”

Services Include:

Cleaning. Cleaning kitchen hoods and grease vent exhaust systems

ViroGuard. Providing parts, including ViroGuard — our rooftop grease containment solution

Pollution Control Units (PCU) and hoods service and parts. Complete cleaning, parts, and service of almost all makes of PCU’s including: Electronic Precipitators, Filters Bank PCU’s, Ultraviolet Hoods, Waterwash hoods, High efficiency filtration hoods, Carbon/Caustic filters, and similar.

Duct Leak Testing. Pre- and post-opening water leak testing of grease exhaust ductwork

Envirospection. Inspecting / monitoring cleanings outside our service area, including an off-site and confidential photo database of all jobs for insurance purposes, inspectors and peace of mind

Analysis and Compliancy. Pre-job analysis and compliancy recommendations, performed at no cost by on-staff certified inspectors

Design Assistance. Assisting with kitchen hood and grease vent system design

Programs/Contracts. Creating contracts and exhaust cleaning programs

End User, AHJ/Inspector Training. Providing kitchen exhaust training for end users and AHJs

Viro looks forward to the next 50 years of development, partnership, and leadership.

Enviromatic’s new corporate headquarters address is 9715 Humboldt Ave S, Bloomington MN 55431. They also have Regional offices:

*Regional offices located in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Houston, MN, and  in Orlando.*Branch offices located in Austin, Columbus, Dallas, Des Moines, Ft Lauderdale, Kansas City, St Louis and the newest shop opening in Woodbridge VA.

For more information Enviromatic Corporation of America, Inc. 800 325-8476 – p /877-325-8476