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Stop Whining About My Emails and Hyper Boost Your 2022 Business

By September 11, 2022No Comments

Stop Whining About My Emails and Hyper Boost Your 2022 Business

Appell Pie

Stop Whining About My Emails!

I am very mad at some of you. I am disappointed, shocked and annoyed but unfortunately the people I am directing this to will not get to see this column, they opted out of my emails.  What really gets me hot is the excuse that some have given, “I get too many emails from you” I don’t send emails of cute puppies, videos of skateboarders crashing or teenagers jumping off the roof of their house into a pool.  No, you don’t get enough emails from me. Let me explain how this works.

First of all many of those who opted out have gone out of business from the effects of the pandemic and just plain bad business procedures. Too many emails? I send out a maximum of two emails per day to restaurants on behalf of our advertisers, who pay me to do it, and they are providing a service or a product that any restaurant owner needs to run their business more profitably. It’s our job to send these emails to you and your job to read them to ensure you’re up to date on the newest in the industry. Too many emails?

If you were opening my emails and not doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different outcome (The definition of insanity) you wouldn’t see so many emails from our Auctioneer clients alerting you to the sale of the contents of restaurants who never read my emails. Too many emails?

If you get an email from me on Monday and you ignore it, you will get the same email again on Thursday or Friday so to cut down on your volume of my emails open the first one and take a quick look. You’ll be amazed at the information coming your way. My Monday morning email always has a new article hand- picked to help you or inform you.  Have you ever looked at my website  at least once a month to read the articles designed to inform you and excuse me for saying it, to educate you? Education is the key to success in any industry so be open minded and read some of them. Too many emails?

I can’t believe how some of you are so closed off to new ideas that can help you save money in this critical economic period. For example, how would you like to have a third party buying service sourcing the food you need and saving you money while doing it for no money out of your pocket. How about a company willing to audit your utility bills for no upfront fees and getting you a refund for any over payments you might have made. How about getting a refund from Uncle Sam for payments you made during 2020 and 2021 to keep your w-2 employees on the job with no up-front fees. Too many emails?

What I’m trying to get across here is tough love. You can’t or won’t be able to appear on Restaurant Impossible but you can get tough love from my emails. Too many emails?

I recently attended the FRLA summit with Keynote speakers Senator Marco Rubio and Chef Robert Irvine and both men had the same message for the industry in attendance, nothing as we knew it will ever be the same. Pandemic, economics and world tensions have caused a major shift in how we are going to live our lives. We need to adapt and learn how to succeed in this new environment. Too many emails? I think not.

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