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PizzaForno Now Offering Licensing Opportunities in US

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Pizzaforno Now Offering Licensing Opportunities

Digital On-Demand, Handmade Artisanal Pizza

Emerging Low-Touch, High-Quality Pizza Concept Now Offering Lucrative Licensee Opportunity in Select U.S. Markets


Toronto – PizzaForno – creators of one of North America’s only automated pizza ovens that bakes artisanal pizzas – is officially bringing its licensee opportunity to the United States. Seeing the success it has experienced throughout Canada with its independent and corporate licensees, PizzaForno’s founders are now offering the license opportunity in select U.S. markets.

A Trip to France

After visiting a small town in France and seeing the successes of automated pizza ovens overseas, PizzaForno Founders William Moyer and Les Tomlin knew communities throughout North America would appreciate a brand built around the high quality product and convenience. In 2018, the founders introduced PizzaForno to Canadian consumers to experience the fresh-made artisanal pizza for themselves and obtained exclusive distribution rights for the technology. Despite the innovative ability to make a pizza in less than three minutes and 24/7 availability, all pizzas are made with the freshest and utmost quality ingredients.

Three Years Later

In less than three years, PizzaForno has grown to 25 successfully-operating units throughout Canada, as well as secured an exclusive multi-year, multi-unit partnership with North America’s leading food service provider, Aramark Canada. The company is now gearing up for rapid nationwide expansion through the license program. The brand is scheduled to debut multiple units in Michigan in March with additional southern states launching in spring 2021.

The gourmet pizzas are always available to customers with a click of a button from the conveniently located pizza ovens and are handmade daily with locally-sourced ingredients. The unique menu of pizzas is crafted fresh every day at the local PTO (pizza topping operation) then delivered and placed into PizzaForno units. With the ongoing dine-in restrictions and industry-wide impacts of the pandemic, consumers have increasingly sought out choices that promote contact-free offerings that still deliver superior taste.

“PizzaForno was created to meet consumers’ immediate needs for a quick, gourmet food option, whenever they want it,” said Tomlin, Co-Founder and President of PizzaForno. “The quick and interactive process consists of choosing from a variety of unique varieties, swiping a card, and your pizza is ready in under three minutes. With established success in Canada and the pizza industry booming, PizzaForno is ready to innovate and bring the heat to the United States.”

Potential licensees now have the chance to be one of the first to break into the registered U.S. markets with the high-demand, turnkey business opportunity. PizzaForno not only offers a high ROI but has the ability to operate 24/7 with zero on-site labor costs, limited waste and gives the option for licensees to scale quickly. The automated pizza oven only requires 80-square-feet of space and can be up-and-running within four to six hours of proper installation. Additionally, each unit utilizes locally-sourced ingredients to make its artisanal pizzas in an effort to support the communities in which it operates.

“The PizzaForno license opportunity provides spirited entrepreneurs with an option to serve quality artisanal pizza without the stress of the usual restaurant operations including labor, food waste, and high rent. It also gives them the chance to add-on a substantial income to their existing businesses and continue to build their extensive portfolios,” said Moyer, Co-Founder and CEO of PizzaForno. “From gas stations to golf courses and hospitals, licensees can place their units in a space the size of a parking spot and alternatively, easily relocate it on the back of a truck. The automated pizza oven is full of endless possibilities.”

There is a rapidly growing market within the $134 billion pizza industry for freshly-made, on-demand pizza and the sector has seen a boost in sales and an increase use of digital ordering. PizzaForno offers business owners futuristic technology and top-tier training to be at the forefront of where the industry is headed. Each automated pizza oven is fully equipped with web-enabled and real-time sales data, inventory management, and mechanical trouble shooting all available through a smart phone or tablet.

Additionally, PizzaForno – – has implemented an in-depth onboarding process for licensees through an interactive app that ensures that each customer experience is seamless. The App shares a step-by-step guide on how to assemble and operate their unit(s) effortlessly within a short amount of time.

About Pizzaforno

Founded in 2018 by Canadian entrepreneurs William Moyer and Les Tomlin, PizzaForno is North America’s only automated pizza oven which introduces gourmet artisanal pizzas in less than three minutes. At the tap of a digital screen, and accessible 24/7, PizzaForno offers a selection of innovative menu options, each made fresh, with an authentic approach. This year, PizzaForno was honored with the Restaurants Canada 2020 Innovation Award. Utilizing technology made popular in France by ADIAL, PizzaForno exclusively owns all North American distribution rights for the technology. The brand is rapidly growing throughout North America and backed by a landmark partnership with one of the leading food service providers, Aramark. The agreement is set to bring cutting-edge food innovation and a quality meal solution to various facilities with technology, sustainability, safety, and convenience at the forefront. PizzaForno currently has 22 operating locations and additional 88 sold – with the first U.S. locations being introduced to Michigan in early 2021.


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