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How to get up to $26K per W-2 employee from Federal Govt. Don’t miss out

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How to get up to $26K per W-2 employee from the Federal Govt.

By Publisher, Howard Appell


Today’s Restaurant News in keeping with its Mission Statement of bringing the news of the restaurant industry to its readers and enabling them to run their business in the most profitable manner, felt it was extremely important and timely to discuss the ERTC Cares Act now available.

As we all know in March 2020 the whole economy of the United States was shut down and people were forced to stay in their homes for months on end. Businesses took a terrible beating and the government came up with plans to support individuals and businesses alike.

Stimulus checks were sent to households to save individuals from losing their homes and even putting food on the tables of American households.

Plans were rolled out to provide money to businesses that were trying to remain open. The PPP saves many businesses in many different industry sectors.

One segment of the economy was affected more than any other, restaurants. During the pandemic over one hundred thousand restaurants were forced to close and the remaining ones were forced to operate at twenty five to fifty percent of capacity or pivot to a delivery only model. Operators struggled to keep their key employees working and try to keep the doors open.

This PPP program was part of the CARES Act where qualifying businesses received Funds to help them retain their employees and continue to operate their restaurants. Those who were able to apply for PPP funds before being forced to close were able to coast to 2022 when restrictions started to be lifted.

Now the Cares Program has been expanded and is now the more generous ERTC, Employee Retention Tax Credit Fund. The program has been revised so more businesses qualify and can receive potentially up to $26,000 PER W-2 EMPLOYEE.

The time to apply is NOW!

We have contracted with some of the largest accounting firms in the nation that specializes in assisting businesses with the application process to ensure that they get all the money they qualify for. For example, did you know that if you provided health care benefits to your employee and their family that the funds paid out for those benefits also count as wages in the calculations? That is why our expert accounting team is getting some sizable checks for the businesses that they work with.

To find out how much your business potentially qualifies for, just go to this website,  and take 1 minute to fill out the simple initial inquiry form to see what your business qualifies to receive.

Any business owner that has W-2 employees and was affected by Covid-19 probably has a nice government check waiting for them, BUT you have to apply to get it. Billions of dollars are available but it won’t last forever, so act as soon as possible to take advantage of this program.

Go to the website NOW  to apply – you will be glad you did.

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