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$28.6 Billion In Grants Available to Restaurants

By April 1, 2021April 2nd, 2021No Comments
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$28.6 Billion In Grants Available to Restaurants 


The Restaurant Revitalization Fund became law on March 11, 2021. It is The Game Changer for the restaurant industry. Did you know that there is going to be up to a $5 million per restaurant location Grant available? The good news is you can get started today. The funds will not last long as there is only $28.6 Billion for 660,775 restaurants-that leaves only $7,200 per restaurant. It will disappear faster than you can imagine. If restaurants who have lost more than 1 Million apply for the Grant, it would only take 28,000 restaurants to exhaust the entire Grant-that is only 3 percent of the total restaurants. That is why, the unique system developed by Bimal Shah, Founder of Rajparth Group of Companies is a complete Game Changer that allows restaurants of all sizes to make use of the Grant.


This unique system positions all the restaurants who use their system ahead of everyone to get access to the systems. Bimal Shah, President of Rajparth Group said, “We have a track record of getting the maximum grants for businesses in record time. We have developed a proprietary system for restaurants of all sizes to get the maximum grant they can get.”


The Government is going to pass the Restaurant Revitalization Fund that will allocate Grants for restaurants alone. It is a given as it has already become law. The critical factor is how do restaurants of all sizes make use of it? “Starting the process  ahead of time is critical for all restaurants so all they need to do is hit the submit button as soon as the application portal opens,” said Shah. Preparing the necessary documents in advance is key to successfully getting in line to receive the money.


One of the key requirements is the SAM (System for Award Management) approval and the government special code. Without this approval and codes your application can’t even get into the system. So, before the application portal opens, you must secure the approval and codes in the government system.


While the approval and numbers are being secured, you should already be filling out the necessary information for the online application and the documents that will be required. This positions you far ahead of all others that are waiting to see what happens. To make sure there is a balance between all types of restaurants there are going to be rollout stages of the $28.6 billion RRF Fund.


Even though there are different rollout stages, the application that goes out in the first 24 hours of each stage opening are the ones that would probably secure the funding. Because there are so many restaurants that will be eligible, it is imperative that all restaurants be fully prepared to hit the submit button as soon as the portals open for each stage. It is also very likely that because of the volume of applicants they may open all the stages at once.


“Can I do this myself?”-That is a question you may be asking yourself. This application requires very specific and highly technical grant writing skills that may require a master craftsman at it. Any single error and your application WILL cause  a “Statement of Denial” with no specific reason why. You are then left in the dark as to why your application got denied.


An example that highlights why the grant writing is essential follows. James is a restaurant owner, and his revenues are down by 60 percent and he is afraid if he doesn’t get some cash infusion that he doesn’t have to pay back (free money) he will have to close his restaurant. He has used up all the PPP funds and has no more funds available to keep his staff and restaurant going. He gets so excited when he knows he can get up 1.2 Million Grant available.


Just like James, you as a restaurant can use this money. 110,000 restaurants have closed across the US and with this Grant you can not only prevent a shutdown but turn around and thrive. James tries to do it himself and when it comes to answering the grant writing related sections in the application, he wings it. He doesn’t hear back on the application for a long time and when the portal is finally coming to a close, he gets the statement of denial letter. This leaves no time or recourse for James to do anything.


To conclude, this is a complete game changer as restaurants of all sizes will be positioned to get the Grant and they have absolutely nothing to lose. You can get started now at


Bimal Shah is the Founder of Rajparth Group of Companies that provide unique and customized consulting to executives and teams of companies to positively impact their bottom line. Bimal is on a mission to make pioneers out of entrepreneurs by helping them achieve their three-year goal in one-year and have the government pay for it through Grants. Shah is well-known in South Florida and in business community for the last 21 years.

Shah is the author of several books. His first book- “The Daily Happiness Multiplier” teaches 52 different systems that can transform people’s lives. His second books are series of 13 books. The series is titled, “The Breakthrough Accelerator”- Part 1, 2, and 3 of 13 have been published and the others are being worked upon. He loves horse-riding, reading, writing, and traveling around the world. You can contact Bimal or access all the free tools and resources from Bimal at


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