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Appell Pie
Today's Restaurant Internet Exclusive
Sunday, 09 March 2014 00:00

Empty plates

Appell HP

Several years ago I joined Facebook, I think it was in 2009 with everyone else who had nothing to do during the work day except look at what other people were moaning about. I am as guilty as you are for continuing to look at your posts and comment on them sometimes.

I honestly still don’t get it but it does seem to have a way of connecting you with people you don’t get to see very often and every once in a while an old friend from High School or College drops by to remind you of what a nerd you were.

It seems that many people get pleasure out of taking pictures of food they are about to eat and it’s usually food that’s not recommended on my diet. Many of the chefs on my friends list show beautiful pictures of their newest creations or dishes they are learning how to prepare.

As you know, if you have been reading my column, I am “Mr. Outside the Box” and this didn’t seem entirely correct to me. I eat out a lot, part of the job and one night my friend took a picture of his food as it was presented to him. I didn’t want to copy him so I waited until I had finished eating and I took a photo of my plate and bam Empty Plates was born.

I posted the photo on my Facebook page with the name of the restaurant and the food I had just consumed. I have to admit it wasn’t pretty but that was the idea. Empty Plates was not widely praised by all of my “Friends”. After a few posts they were begging me to stop doing it, all the more reason to continue doing it. After all I was eating out, supporting my industry and giving the restaurant a plug on the Internet.

I became obsessed with Empty Plates in Florida, Georgia, California, Colorado, Tennessee and dreamt about going to exotic places to share my Empty Plates. My friends begged me to stop. Why?

Guess what happened over a few months. I slowed up on the postings for a few weeks and low and behold the people who were so against it were now asking me to do more Empty Plates. I was amazed but then I realized that I had done nothing but market the Empty Plates and people were beginning to take notice of it. I was Branding, doing Public Relations and if I could make a buck doing it I would advertise it too.

If you want to see some of the Empty Plates go to my Facebook page, Howard Appell and go to Today’s Restaurant’s page and like it. I would appreciate it, I don’t know why but someone else marketed this “like” stuff and I’m only human. By the way don’t try your own Empty Plates posts, it’s dangerous to your relationships and my attorney will contact you in the morning Lol.


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