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The Challenge
Written by Howard Appell   
Wednesday, 18 June 2014 10:35

Appell Pie April 2014

The Challenge

When we started publishing in 1997 the world was a different place. If you called someone they likely would get on the phone with you. It was the accepted thing to do. It was the preferred means of communication. If the party you were calling was not there you left a message with the receptionist and the party would most likely call you back. My former partner and friend, Ben Miller always told people to leave a message and he would call you back within twenty four hours and usually a lot sooner.

In 1997 the fax machine was fairly new and desktop computers were just starting to become popular. Computer screens displayed text with an orange background. It’s incredible that Apple is Apple and not Orange.

Salesmen were seen actually making personal visits to their customers and showing the features of their products using printed material that could be left behind for future reference. They were actually able to look in the eyes of their customers, who became friends and gauge their interest and make adjustments in the presentation as needed.

Some customers knew that if it was Tuesday Joe Salesman was coming by to spend a few minutes with them to handle any problems, update literature or just to say hello and cement the relationship. After all, people bought from people they liked and knew something about.

Early in the eighties the shoe sized cell phone began to appear along with AOL and the Intranet and with it the world started to change at supersonic speed. Beam me up Scotty was just around the corner.

Today technology seems to change daily with new products and new companies coming online by the hour. “Experts” in the field are popping up hourly but their fields are moving at speeds that no human can keep up with. It’s somewhat like a new TV series that starts in January and each episode builds on the storyline of the previous week. If you missed the first episode or the first season and start watching at the beginning of season two you are lost.

In today’s world it is said that everyone would rather get their news, sports and information online and to a degree I agree, but we are not getting in depth information or long lasting knowledge. We have developed into a society of short attention span robots who Tweet and post on Facebook and think we are socializing. I know I am a dinosaur you don’t have to tell me every month when we publish our newspapers. Let’s test those who want to advertise online and read their news online. I challenge you to act on your beliefs now.

We are currently working on a redesign of our website which will allow our readers to read the current issues of the Florida and Georgia editions in a flip page format. Here is where the challenge comes in. Georgia will become an online only edition with reduced advertising rates while the Florida edition will be both online and printed. Please read the last sentence again. In theory, more companies will want to take advantage of our 100,000 hits per month with lower prices. Let’s see who steps up to show this dinosaur I was wrong all along.

After a few months we will determine which method is the correct one and we will adjust our business model. I really would love to hear from you. Tell us which one you want, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or on our Facebook page “Today’s Restaurant.” While there please like us.

In the 21st Century
Written by Howard Appell   
Tuesday, 17 June 2014 15:23

In the 21st. Century

This is my first Blog post on our brand new website. We are very happy to present this website with new features making us a resident of the 21st. century.

We have added what I call a flip page reader that allows you to read the newspapers online like a newspaper that is printed. Speaking of printed we are still printing our Florida edition but our Georgia edition will be exclusively online for now.

We also have added to our Archive section the ability to search for past articles and past issues. This will bring us better SEO with the search engines I am told.

We will continue to make changes as they are needed to make the website a place where the industry comes for information and the news that affects their business. Don't forget to sign up for your Free subscription to the printed edition in Florida on the website.

Please feel free to make any comments. We will consider them all. Hope to hear from you.

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