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Appell HPAttention Sales Managers

I have had an idea twirling around in my head for many years. It just never seemed to be the right time to act on it as the daily activities of guiding Today’s Restaurant was all consuming.

I’ve been in this industry a long time and have trained many people to sell equipment, services, advertising and some supplies but there was never a school to send them for formal Sales Training in this industry, until now. Today’s Restaurant has announced the development of The Today’s Restaurant Sales Institute to train sales professionals and sales managers.

Our partner in the Sales Institute is Bernie Cronin, author of several books including Showtime, Lecturer, Key Note Speaker and the source of great inspiration to hundreds of thankful sales people. Bernie brings over thirty years of direct sales and sales management experience to the Institute.

We have developed an introductory two and a half hour Sales Prospecting Boot Camp which will run throughout the year and be followed up with specific sections of the Boot Camp covered in depth.  Customized programs for corporate clients     will also be available. This type of Sales Institute will benefit the industry by creating professional sales people who will have the skills needed to earn a great living in the profession that has a very high turnover rate due to the lack of formal training.

Our first Sales Prospecting Boot Camp was a “sell out” and the participants left wanting to continue the progress they had achieved. Imagine learning how to overcome obstacles such as getting through the ‘Gatekeeper” to speak to the person who can make the decision to buy.

Through a series of exercises, role playing, work sheets and anecdotal information, developed over the years, the students learn the basics of Sales Prospecting, Getting Out Of “Voice Mail Jail” Overcoming Fears, Overcoming Difficult Objections and Perfecting a 30 Second Commercial that will create interest in your products.

I’ve seen sales people who were thrown out the front door only to return through the back door. I’ve seen sales people who were brought to tears and self-doubt by their customers on numerous occasions, but that’s not what it has to be like. A professional sales person with confidence and knowledge of his or her trade will command respect and be able to help their customers much more effectively with a system of guidelines.

If you would like to become a professional sales person in the foodservice industry and have a long and rewarding career contact Today’s Restaurant to sign up for the next Boot Camp and plan on continuing on to incorporate the principles taught into your sales presentation. Companies with large numbers of sales members are perfect for this type of training. Imagine your sales team creating 15% more sales after learning these secrets. What a great increase in the company bottom line and the income of the sales member.  Let’s all try to become more professional in serving this great industry for the financial benefit of all of us.