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For years I have been telling you to think “outside the box.” I practice what I preach and these three examples will convince you.

During the airing of an episode of Shark Tank, Friday nights at 9 on ABC, Steve Christian from Houston Texas came on to show the Sharks his invention, Table Jacks, and get them to invest. Table Jacks is a device that gets attached to the bottom of a table base and it will stop the uneven tables from rocking on any surface due to the way it is designed. The sharks didn’t give him a deal even though I was screaming at them on my TV to do so.

The next morning I did my research and found the company information online and called Steve. We spent about thirty minutes on the phone talking about Table Jacks and how I thought the sharks had blown a chance to really expand the line. Of course I pitched Today’s Restaurant to Steve and before long we were doing business.

Based on the success I had with Steve I tried it again. On CNBC the billionaire owner of Landry’s, Tillman Fertitta, has a show called Billionaire Buyer where he tries to give companies a large order for goods or services he needs for his restaurants or casinos somewhere in the U.S. Orders can change the course of a company’s future if filled properly.

I usually record the show and watch it the next day. On this episode Fertitta found a company in N.J., Real Antique Wood that knocked downs old barns and reprocessed the wood in his factory to supply table tops, siding, flooring and décor items for restaurants and hospitality. The owner Gary was presented with a PO for $600,000 worth of wood products.

As soon as I finished watching the show I did my research and sent Gary an email with information about Today’s Restaurant and the following morning bright and early he called me and we spend thirty minutes together discussing our businesses and his experience on the show. Of course I pitched him on how we can help him grow his business and he put me in touch with his Marketing Company and we will do business.

On the same show another company from Brooklyn N.Y. suppling frozen drink mixes never responded to my email. Can’t win them all but I keep trying. The third example occurred on the most recent episode of Billionaire Buyer when Sean and Tom from a Ft. Lauderdale company called Smart LED really impressed Fertitta with their money savings LED bulbs and lighting systems and he gave them an order in excess of $100.000 to start lighting the interior of one of his restaurants. Smart LED has already advertised with us in the past so when I saw them on the show I was very happy for them. Hopefully Fertitta’s research team saw their ad in our newspaper. You never know.

So you can see by these three examples that thinking “outside the box” can take you places you never dreamed of. Remember to use my rule of “the box” in your business promotions and you’ll have a chance to grow your business quickly and have some great experiences as well.