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The pitfalls of waiting to sell your restaurant
Today's Restaurant Internet Exclusive
Thursday, 07 April 2011 08:13

PitfallsDR_HomeBy Domenic Rinaldi, Chicagoland Sunbelt

Timing a restaurant sale is never an easy task, especially in today’s volatile market. Much like the value on your home, there is often no good way of telling what the future will hold. The economy has only complicated matters as profits, cash flow and overall values have been in a state of fluctuation for some time now.

With the recession taking a firm hold on the business-for-sale marketplace over the past few years, many owners may be asking themselves when the right time to begin the sale process will come. Will the economy rebound soon? Will that boost valuations? How will it affect the number of buyers and sellers on the market?

These are all certainly things restaurant owners should consider and we have seen a slight improvement in the market as of late. But while some might be tempted to continue waiting a few more years for better prices, there are several issues that could cause this strategy to backfire. Here are just a couple of the possible pitfalls of waiting too long to sell your restaurant:

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