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Beat the lunch rush with internet fax services
Today's Restaurant Internet Exclusive
Saturday, 22 June 2013 19:19

Beat HPBy: Kyle Flowers

Restaurants can be busy and hectic places—especially when delivery and to-go orders start streaming in during the lunch rush. Whoever answers the phones often battles background noise, call-waiting, and confusing requests all while trying to get the order quickly so they can get onto the next call. Then the food preparers must decipher written shorthand, wondering if the scribble on the ticket means no onions or extra olives.

It's a wonder that any diet restrictions and substitutions are communicated correctly. The strange thing is that we live in a digital world. Why don't we have a more efficient and accurate way to take orders?

Savvy restaurant owners and managers have discovered a cost-effective way to streamline to-go and pick-up orders by adopting Internet fax services. These services help restaurants increase volume by accepting multiple orders simultaneously and enhance customer service by avoiding the common miscommunications when taking orders by phone, keeping orders clear and organized while helping save time and money.

Customers simply fill out their order form, making sure to note any diet restrictions, substitutions or additions, and fax their order to the restaurant. It's fast. It's easy, even when company orders are placed for multiple people. And, most importantly, it's accurate.

Accuracy isn't the only benefit. Internet fax services help restaurants:
Take More Orders: A typical phone order can take several minutes to accept and read back and as a result can lead to busy signals for other callers. With Internet fax such orders can come in all at the same time without tying up a phone line.

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